Very Basic Question

Sorry to be such a newbie at this. I’m not very technical but also not a complete novice. I have an iMac running Sierra 10.12.6. I use some software that requires a master password on the login screen and I’m trying to avoid typing it over and over and over as I go in/out of the application throughout the day. So I’m thinking that an easy solution would be to have a simple keyboard macro that would paste in the master password for me with a single keystroke or combo. The key here is that I want the master password to stay secure - the software I’m running contains sensitive data and I don’t want anyone snooping around or hacking my Mac and finding the master password. Can Keyboard Maestro solve this problem and keep my master password secure? If so, how secure and is this difficult to do in Keyboard Maestro? Before I buy it, I just want to know that it can do the job. And if Keyboard Maestro isn’t up to the task, might you suggest an alternative that would work?
Thx and sorry to be so basic here.

While KM can automate typing or pasting your password in a Mac app, I don't recommend it, for the reasons you stated. If someone can login to your Mac, then there is nothing stopping them from also using KM to login to your app.

I highly recommend 1Password for managing all passwords, logins, license keys, credit cards, etc. It is highly secure, and can sync across all of your devices.

Having said that, I also highly recommend Keyboard Maestro (KM) for automating just about everything else on your Mac. I use it many, many times a day, and it saves me much time and aggravation.