Very complex multi-application reporting systems examples

At the main page there is a phrase “from the trivial to very complex multi-application reporting systems”. Could someone share really complex scrips to help understand what really complex things looks like? I’ve read sometimes, on Tidbits last time, about scripts or sequences that helps to save hours and days of manual work, but never seen one. I understand that most of them not for sharing, but maybe someone have old one or a kind of from previous business.

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That's definitely correct for me. But, you might want to look around the Macro Library category in this forum where you'll find examples of many very different macros that users have submitted for the benefit of others.


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That's the point of KM, it adapts to your particular needs. Some users use it for design, others for spreadsheets, others for music, or even for accessibility. And it can even act as the glue between several apps.

Basically you can automate anything you can think of.


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Here's a couple of good places to start looking:

Best Macro List



Complex macros tend to be very user-specific. There are business owners that use Keyboard Maestro to run half their invoicing system for example, but they wouldn't share that and it would not be useful to anyone else in any event.

The best way to start with Keyboard Maestro is to start simple and build up. For a complex repetitive task, don't try to automate the entire thing in one go, instead automate a part of it. Keep repeating until you are just executing a series of macros and then you can string them together.


Peter, thank you! Already taken MacSparky course last year, using 4-5 pages macros and Stream Deck. My point was to understand not only what useful for me, but what possible. Thank you for advices, downloading Best Macro List

This is always tricky, because the more complex and personalised the macro, the less it makes sense to publicise it - it's simply not useful to anyone else, and typically they are too complicated to reasonably understand when you can't walk through them.

Suffice to say you can write pretty much anything in a Keyboard Maestro macro.


Basically this.

If you have something tedious or laborious, try automating a part of it as a starting point.