Video suggestions please

Hello, can you please suggest helpful YouTube videos/video creators? I'm getting frustrated with the clipboards and I think the problem may be that I have a different understanding of some of the terms. I would like to view a few videos and see the clipboards and clipboard macros in action. What do the installed clipboard macros do? The documentation doesn't have much information on them.
Thank you!

Here is a list of resources:

For videos, the YouTube videos should help.

Also the Mac Automation Tips article: How to Use Named Clipboards in Keyboard Maestro might well be helpful.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten lots of other resource.

Hey Alohagal… I can definitely recommend the My Easy Buttons Keyboard Maestro Tutorials. I just discovered KM and those were the first ones I watched. He moves pretty fast and I found I had to stop from time to time to check typing or just re-run what he was doing. I was able to learn a lot. I hope he does more of them.

Using those tutorials I was able to start a script to download credit card statements from one institution. (One almost down several more to go!). I am still working on it.

The one I love is the spreadsheet macro. I am trying to adapt it to Excel since I don’t use Google Docs.

Be sure to come back and update this thread if you find any that really stand out.