Videos of Macros Running (on BatComputer)

I posted BatComputer End-of-Day: Example of an Uber Geek’s Workflow Macro with a macro I run at the end of my work days. @DanThomas suggested a video to see how it ran, so I made such a video... And one for the start of my day... and one to launch, position, and modify 16 different applications and Finder tabs.

These are the simplest of my KM macros, but also some that save me the most clicks. I hope you enjoy them. They're all links to YouTube videos.

Questions are welcomed.

BatComputer - Start My Day Video and Macro

BatComputer - End My Day Video and Macro

Setup to Mix Radio Show


Very nice. Makes me want to make a screen recording of my open/close work apps macro.

How did you block out certain portions of the screen for privacy issues?

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You should do it.

I just created a PNG and added it in Screenflow.

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