VLC opens hidden icon file too ><"

this macro invokes VLC to opens all files in a specified folder …
but when I set an icon for that folder, it also opens the hidden icon file and results an error palette display. is there any way to bypass this flaw rather than remove that icon ?

That appears to be a VLC issue.

The only way to avoid it would be to have Keyboard Maestro read all the files in the folder, excluding the icon, and then ask VLC to open the listed files.

Keyboard Maestro can do that using the For Each action, the Folder Contents collection, some If Then Else actions to exclude the icon file, and the Open a File Folder or Application action, however this will open each file in VLC one at a time, which may get a different result.

Alternatively, you could use an AppleScript to ask VLC to open a set of files.

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