Wait only until the very moment that Chrome finishes loading?


After Set Google Chrome URL, I want it to wait only until the very moment that Chrome finishes loading. I wish it doesn’t pause even for a tiny moment before it executes further actions. Although I think maybe the reason why Wait For Google Chrome to Finish Loading needs a specific number(sec) is that what I want is hardly possible.

Here is the html of the page my Chrome loads in the macro, in case you need it. [link]


You can set the Wait time to 0.

Note that frequently web pages stop and restart multiple times before really finishing, that is why there is the requirement to stay completed for N seconds.

But if you want to wait only until it is instantaneously completed even briefly, then set the parameter to 0.

Thanks for your help Peter, as always.

It doesn’t seem it waits for Chrome to finish loading when I set the time to 0 or less than about 0.4. It just executes following actions right after Set Google Chrome URL, long before the web page is loaded. But now I understand why as I read your explanation.

Maybe there’s no way for me to do it for now. :pensive:

If the only gap in loading is at the start, you could do:

  • Pause 0.4 seconds
  • Wait For Page to Finish Loading: 0 seconds

Reliability may suffer though.

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Thank you very much for your help. I tried that but, unfortunately, it didn't make any meaningful changes. It often executes further actions before the page is loaded(before the spinning circle stops and disappears).

The page is being loaded...

Loading completed

I want to wait only until the spinning circle disappears. For this page, I believe that is the only and apparent sign that it is fully loaded. Could you possibly help me to have KM recognize that? I tried Found Image but it was too slow for me.

Have you tried waiting until the “View->Stop” menu item is not disabled?

Hello Dan,

Have you tried waiting until the "View->Stop" menu item is not disabled?

Could you please let me know where I can set this?

Hey Dan,

I’ve just tried it in a few ways but, unfortunately, it can’t recognize the change of the menu item fast enough since I have it load the page like a couple times a second. But thank you very much for your help!


Don't know if either of these will be better, but try the first one. If that doesn't work, try the second one.

I don't know if the first one has a built-in delay or not. If it does, the second one won't.

Thanks Dan. But its response is too slow. The (currently true) and (currently false) doesn't seem to be able to follow the speed(page refreshing rate).

Using a KM macro, I have Chrome load a specific URL repeatedly until a certain word comes up in the page. Since I want to shorten the refreshing rate as much as it can be, I'm trying to find a way to make it wait only until the page is loaded. It generally takes less than 0.4 sec.

The currently true/false only update once per second, they are no reflection on the speed of the test.

In this case, the speed may well be an issue, and you wont be able to detect a spinning wheel with the Find Image facility anyway, but the speed of the currently true/false display has nothing to do with that.


I tried Peter and Dan's suggestions, thank you very much for your help, but both of them didn't work properly. I've tried all my best so far to figure a way out but it doesn't seem to work out. So I'm writing it again to ask you to have a look at it and kindly give me an advice if possible.

The current macro basically looks like:

It loads a certain URL about every 0.5 seconds until a certain condition is met. After Set Google Chrome URL, it takes 0.3-0.6 seconds to load the page so I made it pause for 0.5 seconds. But it often causes surplus time (For example: When it takes 0.3 seconds to load the page, it just waits for 0.2 seconds doing nothing). I don't want it to wait even for a short moment after it finishes loading.

Hey Kyu,

You're simply not going to be able to gain that fine-grained control using the tools you have.

It's conceivable that Fake might do a better job at this, but I wouldn't bet on it.

You'd have to ask Todd Ditchendorf.


I’ll try it, Chris. Thank you very much.

This idea is interesting although it’s not 100% accurate. but it works. :grinning:
Yes , Determine a web page if fully loaded is not easy for modern websites.

Try to use “found image” or above method to see which suits your request.

Well, here's my attempt at doing this. I'm sure it can be improved on, so everyone please post your suggestions in the Macro topic thread.

MACRO: Open Web Page & Pause Until Load Complete [Sub-Macro]

It requires KM 8.0.4+.