Wait Until Disk Image Opens

How do I wait for a disk image to load?

I keep my SEE Financial file in an encrypted disk image (I've been doing this for maybe 15 years with predecessor programs—just looked since 2006).

Steps that I expect (I have 1 and 3 already)

  1. Open encrypted disk image which requires I enter a password which I will do manually
  2. Wait for Step 1 to complete
  3. Open SEE Finance.

I used to do just step 3 with Quicken and I think Quicken automatically tried to open the encrypted image and then after I entered the password, Quicken opened its file.
But SEE Finance doesn't seem to wait and I have to find its file for it.
So I tried the first and third step, but KM doesn't wait either.
So I need a wait, Step 2. Or maybe there is a better approach. But it doesn't have to be elegant, I probably use this several times per week on average.

Keyboard shortcut is control-4 ($). Easy to remember

Thank you.


Try something similar to this or a deviation. It uses the Mount Volume condition.

I hope I understood your request.

Good luck,


Not quite it, but you pointed me in the right direction. The "Mounted Volume" was key and then finding it was part of flow control and low and behold there was Pause Until. KM has so much, but so not always easy to discover. But once you know the way it's not too hard to put together the script.

Note self: think about different ways of getting what you're looking for and the see what fits KM.
Thank you

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Absolutely. It is worth occasionally doing a very quick review over the Collections and Conditions just to remind yourself about what sort of things Keyboard Maestro can list or test. A quick scan of the Functions and Tokens is also good.

Just a very quick scan can help ensure that when you hit a road block you might twig that a particular condition or function has what you need to move forward.

Yep, that's true for most of us. :wink:

You might try these tips to help find stuff (Actions, Tokens, Functions):

  • Use the "Insert by Name" menu items for Actions, Tokens, and Functions
    • Peter has included a number of synonyms for these, so often the term that occurs to you might find the actual entity.
    • They all have shortcuts (see the Edit > Insert. . . menu)
  • Search and Explore the Keyboard Maestro Wiki.

Thank you. Would never had seen that. Hope I remember to look at my Notes next time—chances of remember this aren't high.