Waiting for, finding, and clicking possible variations on an image

I'm examining the most efficient way to wait for, find and click on possible variations of an image. I realize the fuzziness scale in the found image condition can help some but I'd like to examine this possibility of looking for specific variations of an image. So, pictured below is what I've come with, but it seems rather cumbersome to set up. I'm using a [Pause until any] action with multiple image conditions, then multiple IF/Then actions with one image condition for each If/Then action. Is there a more efficient way to do this (precluding the fuzziness scale)?

The switch action doesn't offer the found image condition.



You don't need the IF/THEN Action. When KM finds an image (through any Action), you can get the image coordinates using this token:

So AFTER the Pause Until Action, just set a KM variable to %FoundImage% and use that in the Move and Click Action.