Want group for a newly added Execute a Macro step to default to the macro's group

Quite often when I add an Execute a Macro step the macro I want to execute is in the same group as the macro. I have a lot of groups. It is tedious to “relocate” the group I am already in in order to select a macro. It would be nice if somehow that could be the default. I can see problems with defining exactly what should happen under what circumstances, but at worst the default would be wrong and no worse than no default.

I just went through a particularly awful case where I had duplicated a group in order to reimplement one of its submacros and had to change each of 20+ macros to execute a macro that was in my 40th group, whose name began with an oddball character so even typing the first character of its name didn’t help.

I’m not promising anything, but if you had something that allowed you to use a Spotlight-type search to select the macro, would that help? In other words, you could type the name or part of the name so you can find the macro quicker.

Do you think this would help?

I was a bit unclear. What I meant is that the group I was editing was the 40th group. It contained 20 macros that needed to be changed to call Macro X, which is also in that group. Each time I go to select a macro the popup menu choice defaults to the top, which is the name of the macro that the action is already executing. I want the default to be, in this case, the 40th macro group. The problem is, of course, worse the further down in the list the current group is, and it gets really annoying when scrolling is required.

Typing the first letter of the group positions the menu choice at the first group whose name begins with that letter and either type some more characters or scroll further, so that helps. However, that still requires me to be cognizant of, or look to see, the name of the group then type one or more characters, which introduces unnecessary awkwardness given how easy it is to set the default of a popup.

Side note: Unfortunately, my macros groups all begin with oddball characters, so I can’t just type the first character of their names. (I do this in order to distinguish my groups from what I get when I import something, but more importantly to arrange them in sections of related groups ordered however I want. Some examples: application-specific groups begin with “□ ”; groups I am currently developing, with “⟹ ’; examples and other random imports with “:o: ”, and so on. I pick the characters for various reasons, but they include where in the list the groups of groups end up in alphabetical order.

Got it. And I got nothing. :slight_smile:

@peternlewis: wouldn’t this be easy to iimplement? Think it’s a good idea?

Its not particularly easy to implement. There is no way to preselect a starting point in the popup menu. So the current group could be sorted to the top of the list, but it can’t just be pre-selected.

Improving the ease of selecting macros in the Execute Macro action is on the todo list. This is one idea, I have several others.

Crudely, a macro could popup the menu then type the name of the current group. I would just need to find out how to get the name of the current macro’s group, something I am sure I could dig out from one of @DanThomas’s or @ccstone’s macros.

That would be sufficient.