Want to Create a Macro Which Would Open All the Links in a Document

I receive many emails a day with technical issues to review, usually with a link to a web site.
I found a way to extract the URL links → save to a note → merge all notes → I end up with a page full of functional links. For example, I currently have an email containing 30 functional links, but it could be any kind of document: I would simply have to copy paste the links into that document.
My objective is to now open them all at once in tabs (not windows) in Chrome or Firefox or Safari, review and close each site as I review the information.
Is there a way to create a macro which would open all the links in a document ?
thank you

If you have all of the URLs in a text list (one line per URL), then it should just be a matter of using a For Each action with a Lines collection, and use one of the actions to open each URL in the For Each Loop:

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thanks very much for your putting me on the right track, and for writing some of the documentation [FILE] Process Lines in Text File