Want to have KM recognize a text and then based on that run a specific macro

So clarify -
I want the KM to search for -

And then - if the found word is
BOB - run Macro #1
ADAM - run Macro #2
PHIL - run Macro #3

and then delete the found word - i.e. Bob/Adam/Phil

thank you

You'll need to give us a bit more detail.

Search where? A file? A folder? A variable? Selected text?

Sorry, my apologies I should’ve been more clear about what I am trying To accomplish.
I just felt that if I cut out the unnecessary details – it would save people sometime and I could try and figure out some other things on my own. To be honest I do like to figure out some things on my own - but within the very short confines of my knowledge base.

So basically, I and looking for KM to scan the open window and text within – I have already accomplished this and implementing this using my current macros and it works well.

Next If it comes across a word, for example - "send email", I want KM to do nothing more than run a macro using a HotKey - "Option S". I have already set up Option S to send email. And right after doing that I want it to delete the word "send email" from the document. (this part I am working on :))

If it comes across - "done" -at the bottom of the document I want KM to to do nothing more than save document using HotKey - "Option E". I have already set up Option E to send save the document. I have already set up option E to scan the bottom of the document for the ward done.

Which app? Is it a to-do list?

If I understand correctly, it sounds like you want to perform actions based on the contents of a text document. If certain words exist within it, certain actions are executed.

What I'm unclear about is your use of hotkey triggers. It sounds like you're manually triggering macros but you want to automate that.

It would really help if you could post your actual macro and an example of the kind of text you're working with.

He's in some sort of an editor because he's talking about deleting text. So when he says "scan" he just means "read". I think he's talking about a "document" and the editor he's using is only showing a "window" into the document but I think he wants the whole document processed, because he didn't say anything like "start from the current cursor location." Maybe I'm wrong, but if I'm right, my approach would simply be to "select" and "copy" all the text, put the text into a KM variable, process each line of that variable, including deleting lines as required, then taking the result and putting it back into the editor.

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I would likely opt for reading the file to a variable as it's less visually intrusive. Luckily, KM11 has a shiny new %FrontDocumentPath% token to make this easy.

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I understand that, but I prefer visually intrusive, much like progress bars which are visually intrusive but give useful visual information about what's happening.

Sorry - for the delayed response - was working all weekend.
Basically I login into Citrix that takes me to EPIC and then in the EPIC system I click on the screen where the text /paragrap is . I don't want to automate that part.

What I am looking for is - if in window - if it says "send email" or "schedule follow up in 3 months " - I would like KM to do nothing more than press a hotkey "Option S" which I have already set up such that it would press the series of keys to schedule follow up.

Is it an app or a website? We could do with a bit of info about how the text is accessible. Can it be selected by hitting ⌘A, for example?