Way to See ALL Hotkey Triggers?

I just spent several minutes investigating why a key didn't work in my editor, and finally tracked it down to it being a second trigger hotkey for a KM macro.

So, the question is: is there a way in KM to see all hotkey triggers? The standard views show the first one, but if there is more than one, the only way I've found to discover the nth ones it is to look at each macro individually (which is how I discovered the one in question).

Alternatively, is there something where we can type a key and KM tell us the macro tied to that trigger hotkey, if there is one?

I've done several searches on the forum and the manual and didn't find anything, but if I missed it just point me that way.

Thank you!

  1. In the editor's menu, select Help > Open Logs Folder.
  2. Open Engine.log (it will open in the Console).
  3. Press the hot key and you will see it as the latest entry in the log, along with the name of the macro it has triggered.

That will work, thanks!

That doesn't appear to be documented; I just searched for "engine.log" in the user manual, and there is only a single reference to it in the debugging section, and then only in reference to logging details to it. Might be nice to include this information somewhere.

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You can also use the Search Strings to find macros by their hotkey.

I looked into that first, last night, but couldn't recommend it to @v8kbm because it's really fiddly to use, I find. (Getting a command key symbol into that search box at random, sure, that's easy enough... :laughing:).

Looking at the Wiki now... I think you're right. Let's see what @peternlewis thinks.

There is perhaps the argument that if you're the sort of person that wants to look at logs, you're probably the sort of person who thinks to look for logs. :nerd_face: But Keyboard Maestro's logs are very readable, so maybe should be promoted a little more.

I agree it would be logical for the editor to show more than one hot key if there is more than one hot key! After all, there is a %TriggerValue% token, which reflects that having more than one trigger for the same macro can be useful.

You just tap the ⌘ key.


Thanks, yes, I have just tested this on a MacBook and indeed, the modifier keys can be entered easily like that.

I don't usually use an Apple keyboard, so that will be the issue (which I can fix by tweaking).

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You could also use these, which I also find very handy on the forum.

Text Expansion Macros.kmmacros (83.3 KB)


That does not accept function keys, at least it doesn't work for me. It just beeps.

Have you tried just typing Fn?


The letters "Fn"? Doesn't find anything, with or without a number following.

First press Option+Command+F to search all Macros

Then type "h:f4" into the search field to find Macros that have F4 as their hotkey.


Got it. That works, thanks! And, I see after the fact that the "h:" is documented in Search Strings.

It is, however, inconsistent with the modifier keys, which can just be typed in without the h: and the search still works. Based on the earlier discussion in this thread, that's what I was trying to do with the function keys as well (I didn't read about the "h:" until just now, after I tried your suggestion.)

Go to the KM Macro Library (⌘2 in the Editor), click the "Text" folder, double-click the "Menu Glyphs" entry. That'll get you an easy-to-use palette:



It's easy enough to search for hotkey triggers as has been shown.

The simplest way is to use the Keyboard Maestro Status menu to show when macros run (I use the Iconaholic Loud KM icon set for this) – and when you need to know what macro is associated switch to the Keyboard Maestro Editor and type the keyboard shortcut for the Last-Used macro.

Make sure you switch to the Keyboard Maestro Editor in a way that does not use a macro.


The way to resolve this is to use the Interactive Help, in the Help menu, selecting Something unexpected is happening, and following its instructions and it will lead you straight to the macro.

You can also click and hold on the ⌘ button in the editor toolbar to select from the recently executed macros.

As noted, the search can be restricted to hot keys by preceding the entry with β€œh:” and modifiers can be typed by tapping them when in the search field. The β€œh:” restricts the match to only matching hot key triggers. You could search for the key without the β€œh:” and it would find the match anywhere in the macro (including the hot key trigger, but also including Type a Keystroke actions for example, or anywhere else the key might be appear).


Great tip! Thanks @peternlewis!

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I use KeyCue from Ergonis to find, in general, both used combo's and to select new ones.

I find it very convenient and a great relief from having to try to remember all these triggers


Re: difficulty of remembering triggers you're probably not the only one.

Here is a thread:
Remembering keyboard shortcuts - Questions & Suggestions - Keyboard Maestro Discourse

And I use gladly "Triggered by name group" (it's somewhere on this forum.)

/ Omar KN