Ways to list Active Macro Groups?

I want a palette to show a list of all current Active Macro Groups. I considered making an HTML prompt, but it wouldn’t be pretty. Do you guys have any ideas?

Few related questions: What is the best way to overlay an image (possibly transparent) on any x,y coordinate on the screen? First steps for writing an image-overlay function for KM?

I can’t think of any good ways. In 8.0, you could create a macro in each macro group with the same name as the parent group, and then display a palette of those macros, showing only the active ones, which is pretty close, but still not really ideal.

It’s better to ask separate questions in separate topics, otherwise people can’t find the answer later, and people will answer one or the other without noticing the other question. This seems quite a different question too - and I have no idea how you would do it.

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What is your purpose, objective, or workflow for using a list of active groups?
If you can provide us with a detailed workflow, perhaps we can suggest some solutions.

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Looking forward to 8.0 then. The purpose is to make a Hotkey that works alongside a Flagger Macro; which lets you flag / designate which Macro Groups are flagged / will be toggled by the Hotkey

A UI / status palette would make things easier, showing:

  1. Flagged Macro Groups
  2. Active Macro Groups

So this turns out to be a flexible Hotkey ( e.g: ‘~’ ) “Edit mode” toggle.


Have you explored the use of:

  1. Conflict Palettes

If I understand your use case (and I’m not sure I do), perhaps one or more of these could meet your needs.

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Instead of a Flagger Macro I decided to make:

  1. Macro that saves the *state: (enabled / disabled) of 10 macro groups at once.
  2. Macro that toggles between: (all 10 macro groups disabled / restore *state: e.g. [off on on off off … on])

I also used “Show Palette of Macros” in the way Peter described above.

Your macro helped me, thanks JMichael. I might make a thread this week after I use my macro for a bit.
Loving 8.0 and the community!