Webpage Does Not Detect KM Chrome Checkbox Feature


Webpage Im working on comes with several checkboxes. I tried the Click on Found Image feature and it works well. But it is affected by zoom ratio of the screen and sometimes I have to set image capture again.

Google Chrome Checkbox Click feature on KM should be much easier. But there is another setback. Webpage can only be submitted when the checkbox is clicked. Chrome Checkbox feature of KM looks like working. Visually it works and the checkbox turns into checked image but the webpage cant see it. It still says checkbox must be clicked. Long story short, my webpage only endorses a physical click on checkboxes, not by KM Chrome Checkbox feature. Any similar experience or solution on this matter?

Sadly the webpage is not public.

This kind of thing is always frustrating – and generally impossible to troubleshoot without direct access to the page.

You might be able to write a JavaScript to do the job, but it can be tricky or even impossible if the page tries to require a physical click.

As for clicking the image – have you tried adjusting the level of fuzziness?