Weird Behavior With Insert Text By Typing (Mac m1)

I moved over to a new Mac M1 and I noticed that SOMETIMES the insert text by typing gets messed up.

Is this a known issue?

Or any suggestions on how to fix it?

Note: I have many macros that do this and I would prefer not to have to alter all of them.


Should be⠀:⠀ Put away dry laundry
Actual⠀⠀⠀ :⠀ Put away. drylaundry

Note added period and removed space.

My guess would be that KM is typing the text faster than the receiving app can handle.

Try adding this action at the top of your macro:
KM 0 2021-09-20_15-55-01

and see if it makes a difference. Try altering the delay value as well if needed.

You can also set this delay permanently thereby avoiding having to set it in every one of your macros.

Let us know how you get on.

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Hey @Mathias,

I always use the Insert Text by Pasting action along with a Delete Past Clipboard action.

Unless – I have a very specific need to actually type the text.

I find that this method nearly always works, and I don't have to worry about typing speed.


Not sure why I set up my many many macros with type
I may just have to go through them all to change to paste

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Sometimes it can be good to have the text typed rather than pasted. Some webforms are set to not allow pasting but will allow typed text. Also, the typed text will take on the formatting of wherever it is being pasted.

I've (very occasionally) had the issue with the text being typed too fast and @tiffle's solution in Post #2 worked to slow the typing down. So, I'd try that before changing all to paste.


Surely the period and single space is caused by the macOS "feature" of turning a double spacebar into a period?