Weird behaviour conflict palette using certain shortcut keys

Hi all,

I love using the conflict palette, but 2 issues keep frustrating me. One shortcut I'm using often is CMD+F2. This shortcut opens a palette with app-specific actions. At random times I'm encountering 2 issues:

  1. The conflict panel does not open the first time when I press the shortcut. Usually it will show up after repeating the shortcut for 3-5 times.

  2. The conflict palette disappears automatically within 1-3 seconds and I have to be very quick select the next macro in the palette, or keep repeating the shortcut until the palette stays.

This issue doesn't apply to all key combination I use to activate conflict palettes. For example, in Keyboard Maestro I use CMD+R & CMD+T. When I use CMD+T, I encounter this issue about 50% of the time I use it, while I've never had an issue using CMD+R that I use much more often than CMD+T.

Is there any logical explanation for this behavior?

By the way, is there a way to scroll down a conflict palette? That would be a nice feature!