Weirdness With "Copy As Image" and My Retina Display

@peternlewis I've got a strange issue going on. Maybe I'm just not understanding something. I'm pretty sure this was happening in version 9, but I'm finally addressing it now (for reasons which are irrelevant).

When I use the menu item "Copy as Image" on my Retina display, I thought the image was supposed to be scaled down automatically. On my computer, it isn't. Example:


Should be:


So before I post images images from "Copy as Image", I always have to resize them. (Well, technically I don't have to resize them, but I know it's the preferred thing to do.)

I checked the DPI using "Get Image DPI of System Clipboard", and it's 72.

So that's odd, but this is odder: I dragged KM onto my external monitor, which is not Retina, and did another "Copy as Image". The image is the correct size, but its DPI is 144.

I would have thought it would be the other way around - 72 from my external monitor, and 144 from the Retina. But maybe I don't understand DPI. Regardless, the problem still remains - having to scale down the image before posting it here.

What the heck? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The correct behaviour for Copy as Image would be retina image sizes (if available) and 144 dpi.

I get that if I use the Edit menu, Edit ➔ Coy as Image.

But if I use the contextual menu, then I get 72 dpi smaller images.

Both my monitors are retina monitors and both behave the same, so I can't really check the issue you describe with a non-retina monitor.

But the results should be the same either method, so that is something I will have to look in to.

I'm not sure how to figure out why its behaving oddly for you with retina/non-retina monitors.

Thanks. Perhaps if you try changing the resolution on one of them.

By the way, I love this app for that: Display Menu.

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