Well This Is Interesting... Raycast API

Wonder / if how this could work with Keyboard Maestro workflows:



I'm relatively new to KM, but I've built a few Raycast extensions by now. It seems to me that you could easily trigger a KM macro from Raycast within a custom extension—probably most easily triggered via URL. One of the benefits of Raycast is that it's got a decent form engine so I could imagine some good uses there depending on what you want to pass to a KM macro.

But in order to make something that feels more native to Raycast, I would like to see if a "Trigger Macro By Name" replacement could be built in Raycast. Is there a KM API to get the names of all active macros?


must be.

The KM Link plug-in for the El Gato Stream Deck and its software shows them.

(allows you to choose which KM macro from a list of them all.)

Update: This extension has been built and published for Raycast:


I just tried this.

Thank you very much for the hard work. This WILL make workflows faster.

KM and Raycast are so good together.

FWIW, I've been using Alfred for years, which does the same thing.


What does Raycast do and how does it manage workflows better?

The website says "Raycast is a blazingly fast, totally extendable launcher. It lets you complete tasks, calculate, share common links, and much more."

Is the idea to bring just about everything into one place?

Raycast is a new alternative to Spotlight or Alfred (among others). Lots of people here use these utilities for launching files / apps / webpages / keyboard maestro macros.

Hit Command-Enter, type a few letters or words, then hit enter again and voila, something useful happens. It’s usually easier than opening a finder window and going to the search box, or trying to remember a KM hotkey, or opening the browser and then searching bookmarks, etc.

The poster just above you has clearly fallen in love with Raycast, and it now has an available plugin for triggering a keyboard maestro macro (as Alfred has for many years) so the poster is happy they can hit command-enter and trigger a KM macro from Raycast. Does that make sense?

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Hi everyone:) Is it possible to trigger a workflow in Alfred or plugin in Raycast(e.g. dictionary) from KM as part of a macro?
What am I trying to do?
Use the least amount of shortcuts as possible(to save them for things that need quick access(things that I use very often)). So I would like to use KM palette for a lot of things and through KM palette I want to trigger actions without shortcuts(if possible). I know that I can trigger macros through palette, but the question is whether I can trigger e.g. a plugin in raycast or alfred:)

In case somebody else is also looking for it.
External triggers in alfred: External Trigger - Alfred Help and Support
External triggers in raycast: Deeplinks