Whare are these green and orange highlights?

This looks very useful within KM, but I don't know what it is or how to use it.
Does anybody know the correct name, so I can research further?

There is something similar in another keyboard utility, "ShortCat" (but not exactly).

Here is the KM macro fragment which caused that:

Hey Mark,

Find Image on the Screen

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Search the wiki for: “found image”.



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Thank you, Chris.

The percentage shown in each area is the amount of fuzz required for a match.

The green one is the successful match. The orange ones indicate alternate matches that would cause the match to fail if the match was required to be unique.

As can be seen from the example shown, Keyboard Maestro has a hard time differentiating areas of relatively bland grey (especially low contrast text).


Ah, the light goes on.
Thank you