What Determines the List of Available Actions for AppleScriptable Applications

I have been using Keyboard Maestro for years, and love it. More recently, I began to wonder why certain actions were available in the software and some were not. More specifically, why is it that there are macros for the Music App, but not for Photos. Yes, Photos can be accessed via AppleScript, but the same could be said for Music. There are some actions for Google, Safari, Music, Keychain.

Why these applications and not others that are also scriptable. How was the choice made? Thanks.



Just a guess: The actions are not using Applescript but direct (non-AS based) calls (APIs) that Apple provides. If I were the author of KM, I'd go by this rule:

  1. Can a desired action be done with an AppleScript? Then leave it at that. Otherwise, see if there's a direct function provided by Apple, and make an Action for that.
  2. Is the desired action available through AppleScript but in high demand? Then provide an Action for convenience.
  3. Do I have extra time to work on redundant actions? Then make an Action for it, even if it's based on an AppleScript.
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