What Do You Do if You Like Keyboard Maestro?

Obviously KM is flexible enough to do almost anything, but what are some good career paths that operate under the KM macro creator mindset?

Web scraping? Data collection? DevOps?

I'd love to explore careers that approach solving problems in the same way I use KM.

Essentially I love automation – writing scripts and making macros. I make them for anything and everything that needs a speed up.

Some of my projects:
• iOS: Various enhancements around installing apps from the command line
• Movie Posters: Automated search, curation selection, and downloading of movie posters
• Spending Tracker: Scrape and aggregate my own personal account info from banks, credit cards, paypal, etc, and summarize by writing to a spreadsheet
• eBook to PDF: Captured tens of thousands of ebooks page by page, combining each of them into a single PDF
• Video Games (Monitoring): Automated video recorded monitoring of several PlayStation 4 games, complete with YouTube uploads. Includes in-game navigation of item purchase monitoring.
• Video Games (Play): enhancing play with macros
• Food Delivery: Web navigation to order my favorite meals with one hot key!
• Uncountable macros enhancing various applications

My background is in mobile software testing and automation, but I'm interested in branching out into more code-centric work.

What should I be looking at and what skills should I be acquiring? Or maybe I should be asking what it is that you all do?

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Since there's plenty of different applications for KM, the board has a varied background of users, writers like @ronald, musicians, designers, data-related jobs, etc.

as for career path, you can focus on something you appreciate and see if KM can help.
You could also focus on KM itself: books, courses, videos, workshops.


Thank you!

I may supplement my income by making KM content, but I'm more interested in applying KM-scripting-type skills to established tech jobs.

While there are people from many backgrounds using KM for their specific purposes, I'm mostly curious what people in tech would recommend.

I guess I'm looking for something like, "Have you tried X?", or "Yeah you should check out Y" or "You should be in Z".

I'm looking for one or more endpoints I can investigate further and see where my other skills match up with them.

Getting more specific – Even within tech, I'm not really interested in writing code that's heavy on user facing UI. I can test that stuff all day, but when it comes to updating views in the MVC model, I'm not a fan writing that type of code – and I'm especially not a fan of troubleshooting it.

I like using scripts and macros as the glue that holds together several different components. Some of those may be user facing, but I'm more interested in working "under the hood" if that makes any sense.

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