What does the Blue/Grey Striped Background of an action signify?


I think that there is a setting or something that I've messed up. If this has been there before, I can't remember.

Some of the actions in my Macros now are 'striped' What does this signify?

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Hey Michael,

That's KM8's new way of showing you that an action contains the text that you're searching for in the KM editor's search field:

Just make sure there's no text in that field and this effect should go away.


I regularly google what this background is about. Maybe a tooltip ("this action contains your search foobar") would be helpful, @peternlewis


@peternlewis, What I would like to see is a display just below the Search box that shows the number of matches, and buttons to move to next and prior match. And, as it moves to the next match, use a different color. This is how many Mac searches work today.



Respectfully, this particular method of display is somewhat alarming. It looks like an "alert" or a "warning." Why not simply highlight the text? :blush:

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