What does the Blue/Grey Striped Background of an action signify?


I think that there is a setting or something that I've messed up. If this has been there before, I can't remember.

Some of the actions in my Macros now are 'striped' What does this signify?

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Hey Michael,

That's KM8's new way of showing you that an action contains the text that you're searching for in the KM editor's search field:

Just make sure there's no text in that field and this effect should go away.


I regularly google what this background is about. Maybe a tooltip ("this action contains your search foobar") would be helpful, @peternlewis


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@peternlewis, What I would like to see is a display just below the Search box that shows the number of matches, and buttons to move to next and prior match. And, as it moves to the next match, use a different color. This is how many Mac searches work today.



Respectfully, this particular method of display is somewhat alarming. It looks like an "alert" or a "warning." Why not simply highlight the text? :blush:


Thank heavens this topic is here. This unusual formatting had me completely puzzled too. With the striping, it seems to be an error condition of some kind, at least to my mind.