What Exactly Are Those "Keyboard Maestro URL Scheme" Actions and How Do I Use Them?

Where do I type them? I'm particularly interested in this


Where do I put this URL? It doesn't work in the browser of course, so I'm a bit confused.

The keyboardmaestro URL Scheme

Another way you can control Keyboard Maestro us using the keyboardmaestro URL scheme, which supports the following formats:

keyboardmaestro://u=support%40stairways.com/s=ABCDEFGH0123456789 – enter your username/serial number.
keyboardmaestro://m=Activate%20Application%20Switcher – edit a specific macro or macro group.
keyboardmaestro://q=Activate – filter macros with this keyword.
keyboardmaestro://g=All%20Macros/q=Activate – select a macro group and filter macros with this keyword.
keyboardmaestro://a=Execute – filter actions with this keyword.
keyboardmaestro://c=All%20Actions/a=Execute – select action category and filter actions with this keyword.

You can use the KM URL scheme anywhere you can create a hyperlink.
For example, in TextEdit, select some text, and press CMD+K, and type/paste in the KM URL.

This creates a link you can click any time in TextEdit to open the URL, which in the example you posted, would execute a macro.

Very, very cool! :sunglasses:

@peternlewis, I just ran a test to edit a macro with the KM URL link in TextEdit.
It works fine if the KM Editor is already open.
But if it is not, it results in starting the KM Editor, but the macro is NOT opened for editing.


I can just put that on Alfred!!

What a game changer!!

Thanks, it wasn’t working on the browser and I couldn’t find out where to put it.

If anyone else is interested, you can create a workflow and pass parameters to any keyboard maestro macro, very useful!


here's a great way to integrate dictation

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Thanks so much for that. I just used it in the Reminders app so that I can double-click on a reminder URL to run the macro. Wow!


Super useful hey!

Keyboard Maestro is the best and Peter has all bases covered way before we need them.

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