What functions depend upon Screen Recording permissions?


Just wondering, if I revoke permission for Screen Recording for KM & KM Engine in System Settings > Privacy & Security, what KM functions stop working?

Is the permission necessity specific to specific functions, or does it cause a wider breakage?




Thanks, so disabling those permissions should have no noticeable effects IF I'm not using screen capture / recording based macros?

None that I'm aware of, though if you trigger one that's not documented in the wiki, macOS should (in theory) put up a dialog onscreen letting you know that KM needs screen recording permissions.

They can be required for weird things, too—in our app Time Sink, we have to enable screen recording permissions to see window titles via the Accessibility API. I don't know if KM uses that same mechanism to get its window titles or not, but that's one area that might trigger such an alert.


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Ahh excellent, thanks for the perspective on it.

Cheers :slight_smile: