What Is Next?

I hope to complete my basic setup of KM over the next 3 to 5 days (it may take a bot longer). The basic setup includes:

  1. A number of move and resize macros
  2. A number of start up macros including there associated files;
  3. A parent macro of the macros in 2. for when I log onto my laptop; and
  4. A few small utilities (i.e. kill all macros, etc.). Nothing exotic.

I would be interested in people's suggestions as to what I should automate next based on their experience and use.


My advice is to sample as many of the KM actions as you can, by dragging EACH of them into a test macro, tinkering with its options (you don't have to run the macros) and getting an idea of what KM's actions can do this way. For example, you will see a lot of actions that deal with Browsers. And a lot that deal with Images. This is like ordering a food platter at a restaurant that has a little bit of everything.

Some KM macros have lots and lots of options. For example the Filter action has so many options the menu doesn't even fit on my screen! (I've recommended that that action be split into multiple actions for this reason, but so far, it hasn't changed.)

Good idea, thanks!

I usually wait till something really annoys me. Then I ask myself or in this forum: Can this be done with KM? Most of the time it can. :slight_smile:

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Absolutely! Too bad I can't use it in real life. :joy:

Anything and everything that takes an inordinate amount of work to do by hand?

Look through this for ideas:

Best Macro List


Appreciate that. I did look though the list and nothing really jumped out at me. I will take a look at the repetitive tasks that I do and start there! Will she any ideas that I come up with incase others are interested.