What is the best way to add non macro related information to a palette?


All my apps have palettes with my macros well displayed thanks to @DanThomas 's brilliant palette organizer. MACRO: Palette Organizer v1.2 (updated)

For many apps, I would like to also use the palette just to refresh my memory in case I forget a few commonly used shortcuts (which I usually know).

For the moment, I create dummy macros to which I assign the same hotkey (z) and display the shortcut in the macro title. To be displayed in the palette, ie for the macro to exist in the eyes of the palette, , the macro must contain a dummy action.

I want the shortcuts to be displayed directly in the palette (I do not want to open yet another window), similar to the screenshot below.

Is there a more elegant way of doing this ?

There may be a more elegant way, but that's pretty-much what I do.

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If a genius has not found another way, I certainly won't !

thank you Dan !