What is the little "T" that appears to the far-right in every field?

And why isn’t it explained in the manual?

An indication of the way that strings are processed in that field (text Tokens, numeric Calculations, Variable name setting, no-processing etc)

Click top right gear-wheel for options:


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I don't see those options in your screenshot. Any idea why? See my screenshot:


those options in your screenshot

The options are context-specific.

Process Text Normally / Text tokens only / Nothing

Is specific to text fields (rather than calculation fields or variable fields).

The gear wheel menu which you show is for a quite different context (a conditional control flow action).

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See Tokens (KM Wiki).


I created a test macro using the action "Set Variable “VarName” To Calculation “1”" (like your screenshot) and I still don't see any of the "Process..." options. Strange!

BTW: I'm using KM Version 8.1.1

That’s a calculation field – not a text token field.

Ok, I tried it with an “Insert Text” action and now I see those “Process…” options. However, I was thrown off by your original screenshots which aren’t text token fields either—at least I don’t think they are. Am I wrong?


Understood – I should have clarified that the V and C examples were intended as a broadening of scope, and that the menu was only related to the initial discussion of the T

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