What Is The Status Of Keyboard Maestro iOS Remote Control App?

I tried using the iOS Remote app for KM last night. A couple of observations:

  1. It’s had no updates for 4 years.
  2. It’s proving slow to gather the actions and rather unreliable and cumbersome.

While I haven’t exactly built any workflow around using it, I’d like to feel I could.

If it were to experience some development love I’d like it to support x-callback-url so that it could be used as part of an automation scheme.

So the question is: What is the outlook for the iOS app and should I try to use it?

(I guess I could make the same comments and ask the same question about the web trigger function.)

Unfortunately, dealing with the Apple Review, and the iOS development process sucks the life out of me, so I find it very challenging to expend energy on the iOS app. So, yes, it is way out of date and has a number of problems. On top of that, any development work on it is potentially wasted if Apple decide it is unacceptable (which given their acquisition of Workflow, and their new Shortcuts, they may well decide it is somehow competitive with that and refuse it).

This is not to say I wont update it, but it is such a motivation sapper that it is very challenging to make happen I'm afraid.

With Keyboard Maestro 8, using the Remote trigger is generally a better idea as the Remote Trigger can work from your phone whether you are on your local network or not (in theory, so can the web server in Keyboard Maestro and the iOS app, but in practice unless you set up port forwarding it will only work on your local network).

You can, presumably, use Shortcuts to trigger a URL hit, which in turn would trigger a macro via the Remote Trigger.


Thank you, Peter. I rather guessed that was the case. I think I’ll play some more with remote triggers and see how I do.

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I use the iOS app all of the time. Seeing the app UI upside down when I open it drives me crazy.

If Apple Review is the primary deterrent, I am willing to step in and help. In my previous job, I used to send gold masters to be approved by Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. In comparison, Apple's process will (probably) be a walk in the park.

I have no idea on how to do app development, so that would all be on you. But I will get the app through review as long as I have a "gold master" to submit to them.

Keyboard Maestro is a work of art. It deserves an updated and maintained iOS app.

Just my 2¢.


I also is very interested in an iOS iPad version. My Idea now is to try to use Touch OSC to create buttons on the iPad and the send MIDI commands to trigger KM. Was looking into Quadro, but they throw in the towel.

Maybe you can reach out to your users with a poll about interest? Me myself would be interested to pay upfront for a software like this.


Here because I just noticed Keyboard Maestro Control is not working. Not that I used it much, obvioulsy, but it was nice to have. I just went into the app to change settings because my dyndns address has changed.

No change.

Keyboard Maestro Control has not been updated in a long time because working on the iOS app and dealing with Apple's review process and zillions of icons sucks the life out of me.

I find working on the iOS version intolerably painful. It is simultaneously the worst of both worlds, being a small system, but requiring a hundred different icons sizes, and a hundred difference screen sizes, but not actually handling resizing windows.

Other people cope, I just find the tedium and the uncertainty and the weird errors and the inconsistent answers and the ever looming threat of just plain out rejecting the app to be a very stressful experience.

Keyboard Maestro 8 added the Remote Trigger URL which would probably be a better solution that Keyboard Maestro Control in most every case anyway, and with Shortcuts on iOS it should be possible to trigger a URL and hence a macro that way.

Have you tried managing 400 trigger URLs?

The app is the better solution. Please update it. Or find a developer to take it over. The lack of an updated iOS app is my one complaint about Keyboard Maestro.

I can only imagine. Thanks for the info. Myself I am quite happy on OSX and will probably go iMac soon. I don't, anymore, need a new OS every year either. I really don't. I would prefer a slower cycle in fact for several things I have: including LaTeX.

Apple need to take cognisance of developers who don't have endless resources, often working for very little or for the 'community'. I try to make that point where I can now. It must be sometimes quite dispiriting to find solutions and then within days I think, have them usurped. I am sure a lot of folk inside Apple do understand this though.

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Noted. But it probably wont happen I'm afraid.