What keyboard maestro step can enter the right side command key?

Hi all,

Currently I can enable dictation by clicking the right side command key two times.

I do see the - type the "" keystroke and insert text step but I don't know how to choose the right side command key...

Question: what keyboard maestro step can enter the right side command key two times?

Thanks in advance

Are you open to change the shortcut?

or, try Karabiner-Elements, allows you to change functionality of keys such as Right Command

Sure happy to try - what do you suggest?

well it looks like it requires a newer os - I am using Mojave - (I will look to see if there is an older version for Mojave)

I see this older may work Karabiner-Elements 12.2.0

My system is older than Mojave, but what I have shows System Preferences > Dictation & Speech > Dictation with a Shortcut menu allowing the user to set a custom shortcut. Using that may eliminate any need for additional software.

thanks @NaOH. Change it in system preferences and you won't need any extra software.

Yes - This is great - Thanks for the help getting this set up. I changed to another key in system prefs and now KM controls it easily!

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