What Tags Do You Want?

Yes, but I’m speaking of the list in the edit console. It’s scrollable, yes, but as you can tell from the length of the scroll handle there isn’t much to scroll. Just the tags I listed above.

The All Tags list seems to be complete. But I don’t see a way to access the All Tags list for editing.(?)

[Edit:] Just to be sure I deleted my browser cache. But this didn’t change nothing.

[Edit II:] Tried it in another browser (FF) and it‘s the same.

OK, I understand what you mean now. It seems to be limiting the scrolling list to the top 10 tags. However, if you start typing the name of a tag, it will still find it.

I’ll have to check to see if we can increase the number of tags shown in the list.

Yeah, but for this I have to find it in my (lousily tagged) brain first :face_with_head_bandage:

@Tom, OK, the tag list shows all tags now (but you need to scroll) when creating or editing a topic. Check it out and let me know if you see any issues.

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The trouble I have just pointed out :wink:

[Edit] Solve here :thumbsup:

Thanks JMichaelTX for your efforts spend on tagging (among other things about KM).

– Alain

Yes, the list seems to be complete now. Thank you!

Is it considered good practice if I add the correct tags to my existing and still editable threads?

I’m asking because adding/changing tags seems to bump the thread to the top of the list, which is not exactly desirable.

Yes, it’s fine. It’s a shame Discourse bumps the topics when you make tiny modifications to them, but that’s just the way it is - the same thing happens if you fix a typo in a topic or the like, but it’s better (I think) to make the site as a whole worthwhile than to worry about a temporary bump of a topic.

Besides, the topic may show up at just the right time for someone else to see, who knows…

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You are right. I’ll write a macro now that bumps my topics every 60 minutes :wink:

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Two questions:

  • Is the html-prompt tag only for topics where “building HTML prompts” is the main subject, or also for posted macros that contain (and demonstrate) a working HTML prompt?

  • The tools tag: is it meant for…

    • only scripting/macro tools (macro/scripting helpers like Accessibility Inspector etc.), or…
  • also for macros that work with command line tools, or/and…

  • also for macros that are tools themselves?

An example for the latter two would be my PNG Optimizer macro.

First, the tag name uses an underscore, not a dash:

We are trying to maintain consistency across all tags and use only the underscore to separate words in a tag name.

IMO, html_prompt refers to any macro, usage, or discussion about the KM Action Custom HTML Prompt.

IMO, it has a broad use/intention, but limited to KM. Basically any piece of standalone software that aids in the development of KM macros, or maintaining your KM app/setup/library. That could include a KM macro which, for example, maintains your KM Variables.

In one sense, all macros are a “tool” of some definition, in that they help us get some task done more efficiently. But we would not want to tag all macros with tools tag – it would be come meaningless.

So, let’s restrict the `tools" tag to those tools that specifically help us with KM in some way.

Does that make sense?

Yeah, sorry, I have still difficulties to adjust to that. Underscores in tags are so… ugly :wink:

No, I rather meant macros that work as standalone tools, not for example UI macros that type keystrokes in another program.

But I got you, tools in the sense of ‘KM helpers’, OK. Have to correct a couple of tags that I set wrong then.

BTW, it seems that a topic doesn’t get bumped now when I set a tag. Nice. Did you change something?

conventions (naming, documenting, etc)l
GUI (not ui_control – making GUIs, dialog boxes, palettes, etc. with KM)
bug? (can you have a question mark in a tag?)


  • functions
  • variables
  • actions

KeyboardMaestro (editor, menu, engine, etc.)

Also,shouldn’t the tag menu be alphabetized? I am surprised this isn’t done automatically by Discourse.

This page belongs in category meta.

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Text, text_processing or text_manipulation. I guess “regex” would automatically cover most instances, but we also have discussions about scraping text from web browsers or pdfs, which don’t always involve regex.

Very few of tags I suggested in a post above and the one after that have been added. I still believe they should be.

We should add tags for:

system_preferences (its an application).

I believe you can only create tags by actually adding them to a specific post, so I have added them to some posts.

I plan to add a category for Tips & Tutorials, so that does not need a tag.

palettes, feature_request are already a tags
mouse / functions / actions / variables are too general to be useful.

Discussion of discourse features is generally better done on meta.discourse.org.

bug is a tag already, but unusual or bug is generally not helpful.

I would like a InDesign tag.


I have assigned this tag to these topics:
Forum tag: indesign

You should be able to use it on all future topics you create. If you find any existing topics that should have this tag, feel free to post a request here (and provide a link to the topic).

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