What will KM9 improve for you? What are you excited about?

Hey y'all

Just peeking back in with the announcement of KM9. I've been a way from the forum for a while because my current macros "just work." What a great list of features with the new update! I'm excited about dark mode and multiple editor windows. What are YOU excited about, or what improvements will KM9 bring to your current macros etc.?

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OCR and JSON. I don't know yet what I'm going to be able to do with it, but I know that these improvements will be very useful to me.

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I don't even know what those are haha. Could you give me an idea of what a guy with no programming knowledge could do with those?

If you are not into programming, JSON will not necessarily be useful to you (and a little complex to explain). On the other hand, OCR is Optical Character Recognition. So, this allows you to extract text from images and convert into editable text formats. It's very useful because it saves you from having to retype very long texts. There are plenty of OCR software, but being able to integrate this function into a Maestro Keyboard macro is even more convenient.

I'm currently using a command line OCR program based on Tesseract. I look forward to converting those to the built-in OCR, but there's no rush, especially while I deal with a tooth ache. I did briefly test the KM OCR, and in my brief tests it worked fine (over 99% accurate) with black and white graphical images containing text but got under 20% of the words right when the images contained colour and/or photos. Apparently it "sees" way too much text in the photos, even when there is none.

I've been tinkering with writing my own OCR software due to the lack of quality OCR software when the text is inside photo images.

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Wow that actually sounds quite useful for a lot of what I do. Thanks for the info!