What's special about this Google Chrome window?

Hello all.

I'm returning to KM after about a year away. One of my old use cases was getting rid of this annoying window that Google Chrome shows you upon first launch:

I launch fresh Chrome instances all the time for various reasons, including automated testing, and clicking on this window and unchecking the checkboxes disrupts everything.

I had this working a year ago by bringing the window titled "Welcome to Google Chrome" to the front and using Found Image actions to unclick the boxes. It worked reasonably well. However, for some reason, now this macro no longer works...KM doesn't find the window by title at all. It's almost as if it doesn't recognize it as a Chrome window.

Here's a snippet of the old macro:

Any idea how to fix this? And...is there a better way?

Thanks in advance!

Hmm....I think I've determined it was missing a permission. Strange, as a triple checked it, but it seems to be working now. Thanks anyway!