What's the best way to trigger Keyboard Maestro Macros from Alfred Remote?

I can easily setup hotkeys for all of the macros I want to execute, the problem is I already have a lot of hotkeys and it's getting more difficult to figure out which ones I'm not already using.

Does anyone know of a way to tell Alfred to trigger a macro without a hotkey trigger on the KBM side?

This doesn't matter for the context of this post but FYI: I'm using Alfred Remote on 10 year old iPads to make use of them, so this is what I'd like to use to trigger KBM macros. If anyone knows of any alternatives feel free to share! I just purchased Touch OSC but that isn't very user friendly...

Okay I solved it for myself after tinkering around for another 10 minutes.

Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 12.51.32 PM

Remote Trigger + Run applescript on Alfred's side

Paste the applescript from KBM into Alfred's applescript object.

Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 12.52.47 PM