What's This New KM10 "WINDOW Function for Custom HTML Prompt" feature?

@peternlewis I see that one of the features you added under the Custom HTML Prompt heading is:

  • Added context sensitive WINDOW function for Custom HTML Prompt window resizing operations.

I can't find anything in the Wiki about this. It sounds intriguing. Care to elaborate?

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As described in the WINDOW function documentation:

With two parameters, the first parameter specifies which window in the front application to operate on. With only one parameter, the Index is assumed to be the window of the Action in which the WINDOW() function is used (like the Manipulate a Window), or the frontmost window if the Action does not refer to a window.

When used with a single parameter from a Custom HTML Prompt, the function returns the information about the prompt window itself.


I'm an idiot. I'm already using it for that.

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