When ChromeURL fails to work

I was having problems with using the %ChromeURL% variable. It was working fine on my MacBook but was failing on my new iMac.

I checked Chrome Settings on both computers and they were the same. No error appeared in the Keyboard Maestro's Engine.log.

After playing around with various settings, I figured it out.

Turns out that there was a Chrome Extension that was causing the issue. I turned off all my extensions, restarted Chrome and the %ChromeURL% worked on the iMac.

I don't know which extension was blocking it, but I enabled a couple of ones I use all the time, restarted Chrome and the %ChromeURL% variable was still outputting the right information.

I hope this helps someone else that might be facing the same issue.

This is the Macro that I have setup:

Also You can Do It, Clear the browser cache and disable extensions. If you get the invalid URL error when trying to access a web page from a bookmarked URL , you may need to clear the browser cache and cookies. Restart your browser and check if you're getting the same invalid URL messag