When is a button neither a button nor an image on a web page and how to click on it?


I am finalizing a macro to fill a Chrome form.

I am perplexed because the 'button' at the bottom of the form (Submit) is not recognized as a button, nor as an image, nor using the pause until or press on button actions, or the pause until found image or click on image actions.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide the web page (professional, secured)

I am just trying to click it on Submit.

thanks very much for your time and help


Have you tried adjusting the fuzziness of the found image? I have never had an issue finding an image on the screen with the proper fuzz adjustment.


I agree with @cdthomer, that image of the submit button should be easily found by the KM Click at Found Image action. As @cdthomer suggests, adjust the fuzz until it is found.

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thank you for your reply.

I am sorry: I don't know about fuzziness and how to adjust it in KBM.

I know the word fuzzy, but not in the context of the found image action.

No problem! The fuzziness refers to how "sharp" of an image KM looks for. It is adjusted with the slider in the image below. To the left it looks for a sharper image; to the right it doesn't have to be such a sharp image for KM to act on it.


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Also, you may find it helpful to read: Found Image in the KM Wiki.


@cdthomer @JMichaelTX
Works perfectly now by adjusting the fuzziness. Thank you @cdthomer for the solution and @JMichaelTX for the link .
A while back @JMichaelTX showed me how to always add a timeout to found image actions to avoid getting into loops. It's a tiny bit tedious to change the timeout for each action. I was wondering if there is a way to change the default timeout for the action.
thank you

Not with KM alone, but @DanThomas's always useful KMFAM can help out by storing any action configured to your liking.

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thank you