When it looks like a button but does not act like a button


I was writing a macro in evernote to share (email) notes to a 3rd party.
My question is a general one which has nothing to do with Evernote.
In the sequence of actions to send an evernote note as Email, I encounter the dialog box below, and would like to press on the More Sharing button but the press button action does not work, probably because I have no way of writing the extra character to the right of the More Sharing text. For some strange reason, click on found image does not work, even if I modify the blur factor.

1- is More Sharing a button ? clicking on it displays a drop down list. If it is a button, how should I call the button in the press button KBM action ?

2- if it's not a button, what is it ?

thanks in advance for your time and help

You can deal with this by using a RegEx expression in the Press a Button Action.
Just start the button name with a caret:


This worked for me.


Works perfectly. thanks very much.
At first I could not get the macro to work because the action pause until ^More Sharing enabled did not work. It would seem that there are different kinds of buttons as far as 'enabled' is concerned, although I can press on the button.
Once again thanks very much