When KM will have WIndows edition?

When KM will have WIndows edition?Sometime we have to use win pc for work, if KM has win edition will be awesome. Even the price will expensive I willing to buy.

That's quite a compliment to the author of KM.

I saw him say once that the rough equivalent of KM for Windows might be Autohotkey. I suppose you could check into that product. Someone else said MacroToolworks.

I can think of two reasons why it's difficult or impossible to port to Windows:

  1. For one thing, some parts of it may not be portable because some parts may be incorporating tools and APIs that only run on UNIX or macOS. Macs run on a UNIX core. So to get it to work on Windows, he would also have to rewrite the APIs, which may be even more work than porting KM itself.
  2. For another thing, KM has lots of ties to AppleScript, and may even be partly written in AppleScript, which naturally doesn't run on Windows. So this means he has to rewrite it in another language, not just port his code.

I'm not objecting to your idea. There could be a lot more sales if it was ported to Windows. A more practical idea would be to have the author of KM license it to a big company to port to Windows, and he would keep a cut of the profits. Or maybe the author could get stock in the company that's doing the porting, which indirectly results in profits.

Probably never. Sorry.

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Hey Somyan,

If and only if Apple makes it impossible for Peter to make a living with the current Keyboard Maestro – or so I conjecture...  :sunglasses:

See this thread:

Closest Alternative to Keyboard Maestro for Windows?

I've used AutoHotKey in the past myself, and while it wasn't exactly easy to use it was waaay powerful.


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