When Macro Fails, Run When Next Available?

I have some Keyboard Maestro macros set up to adjust audio input/output and open any relevant apps when docked at my desk or plugged into my USB-XLR interface for recording. However, if the computer is asleep when the triggering USB device is plugged in/unplugged, the macro gets cancelled and never runs. Is there a way to say "if macro fails, run it when next available/when computer wakes from sleep?" Sorry if this is a dumb question, not sure exactly how it would be phrased so had a hard time searching for anything like this! Thanks :slight_smile:

As far as I know there isn't an "if macro fails then..." option (though others may correct me).

What I think you could do is create another macro
Triggered: on wake

With an if.. then... else action:

USB device with "[name of device]" exists
[run your original macro].

Would that work for you?


@KevinCoates That's a really great solution! I have a couple different devices to look for, so I made a few different If/Then statements in the macro. Seems to work so far, will test it out some more. Thanks! :blush: