When to post a macro to the macro category and when general

Sometimes people post their macros to a general category page and sometimes to a macro category page. When they post to a macro page they usually give extended explanations and possibly an image of the macro steps. Posts to a general page may do that but often include a lot less text and maybe no image. Sometimes people write short posts for a general page that point to the post in the macro page. Is there a consensus on when to post to general, when to macro, and when to both?

A consideration that seems to figure in here somehow is how to handle new versions of a macro: is it better to have macros always on a macro page then add new versions there? Should the new versions be announced in the general page where they were first discussed (if there is such a page)? Is it OK to post only to a general page and just add replies with new versions of the macro?

Am I making any sense here? Maybe my real question is how to make any sense out of what I am trying to say. :neutral_face:

Yeah, you’re making sense, and good questions.

I do know that the Macro category is only for posting macros. Obviously it’s ok if a discussion occurs with the macro as a starting point.

Sometimes I see macros, or more commonly parts of macros, in a topic in the General category, but they’re usually the result of someone asking for help.

So I look at it like this: If the macro is “ready for the public” and potentially useful to multiple people, then it goes in the Macros category. However if it’s just a response to someone asking for help, then it probably belongs in the General category, but if it turns into a full-blown macro, then branch it into the Macro category.

Not sure about updates, though. Good question.

I like that.

Here are the macro category posting guidelines created by @peternlewis some time ago. This post used to be sticky, and stay at the top of the “macro” topics list, but not anymore. Peter?

Correct - and if when you are responding to someone’s question, you end up building a full blown macro that might be of general interest or use, then you can post it to the macro category and answer the question with a link to that post.

It is sticky (pinned), but Discourse treats stickiness on a per user basis, so once you’ve read it, it unsticks.