"When's my next meeting?" using Keyboard Maestro and a Stream Deck

Note: Crossposted from the MPU forum which has a long thread about the Stream Deck and Keyboard Maestro. That is what got me to share this, and I figured some folks here might not be there.

If you've ever wanted to have your next meeting info on your Stream Deck, checkout my new post over at GitHub:

Here's a little example screenshot. The yellow box shows my next meeting information:

But, to me, the cool part is what happens 30, 15, 10, and 5 minutes before my next meeting:


The changing colors help me spot when a meeting is come up, just in case I have forgotten to set a reminder. (You can choose your own colors if you want different ones.)

My favorite part is that when there are no more meetings left for the day, I get to see Fantastipal smiling at me from that same spot on my Stream Deck:


He's clearly just as happy as I am when there are no more meetings left!

Checkout the Github repo or download the .zip file and you'll get all of the files needed to get setup:

  • 8 Keyboard Maestro macros
  • ~120 lines of shell script (plus another ~170 lines of comments),
  • a version of icalBuddy that works with Keyboard Maestro
  • a detailed explanation of how it all works
  • instructions on how to set it up on your Mac.

I hope this helps someone else. Even if you don't use this exact setup, maybe it will show you something else you'd like to try.


Thank you, @tjluoma! This is useful.

I had to change a script a bit to account for me renaming the macros to say the correct button position.

I also found that in the R3C1 - Show Meeting Info macro, you call the script at /usr/local/scripts/km-icalbuddy.sh, while the instructions say to copy the scripts to /usr/local/bin/.

I’m just mentioning these two things in case it’s useful for others.

Oh, thank you. I actually use /usr/local/scripts/ myself but meant to change everything to /usr/local/bin/ because that is more common for people.

Hey Eric,

Welcome to the forum!   :smile:

Good tip.


icalbuddy doesn't seem to be working with Ventura. All I get is "error: No calendars". Any hints?

I fixed it by using a shortcut instead of icalBuddy.

OK you may be my personal hero. I was running into the same issue and posted about it in @tjluoma's original thread. How did you substitute this shortcut for the macro? I've downloaded it, and I know it reads and makes noise, but the icon doesn't have any text. This is essential to my day; if you've found a workaround, I mean, whoa.

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Ok wow thank you so much. I was able to figure out how to write the Shortcut output to a variable and then use that to update the existing StreamDeckNextMeeting variable to replicate the functionality! You're a freaking hero, man. You've saved me so much heartache. Thank you!

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You're very welcome! For anyone else hunting along here's a screenshot:

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