Where is Keyboard Maestro Engine.app?

I apologise if this is a simple question, but I am trying to locate Keyboard Maestro Engine.app so I can add it to "Full Disk Access".

It does not show up in my Applications folder. It does not show up in Spotlight nor in Houdah Spot.

I have upgraded to Mojave and am trying to get a macro to "close" notifications to work again. The dialog that runs when I trigger the macro says to check SystemUIServer.app or drag it to Full Disk Access. What it shows in Finder to be dragged in, however, is a scrip; which cannot be added.

I have added Keyboard Maestro.app and SystemUIServer.app to Full Disk Access, but cannot find the "Engine" app.

It’s inside the .app wrapper

/Applications/Keyboard Maestro.app/Contents/MacOS/Keyboard Maestro Engine.app


Thanks, TJ.

  • a double thanks for providing the path where to find it!

Now I shall wait see when the next notification turns up to see if "I" have fixed the issue.

I don't know if something has changed between Nov. 2018 and Feb. 2022, but I found that to add Screen Recording for the Keyboard Maestro Engine, I had to do these steps:

  1. System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Screen Recording
  2. Unlock by clicking :unlock: and entering my iMac's password
  3. Click :heavy_plus_sign: in the list of apps on the right
  4. Navigate to Keyboard Maestro.app in the pseudo Finder window
  5. Control click Keyboard Maestro and choose Show in Finder
  6. Control click in the real Finder window and choose Show Package Contents
  7. Close the pseudo Finder window
  8. Drag Keyboard Maestro Engine to the app list in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Screen Recording

There may be shortcuts.