Where is Search Options CheatSheet?

@peternlewis, the forum software no longer displays the Search Options cheat sheet when you click on the "Options" link. Can we get it back please?

Here's a copy we can use until then:

Hey JM,

The “genius” developers of Discourse removed the search-help panel when they added the advanced search page, and I’ve been fussing ever since.

Thanks very much for posting it. As far as I know it is no longer available anywhere in the Discourse documentation…


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I have bashed the search options into the advanced search page (except if you go to the page from the Categories list - don’t ask).

It’s not brilliant, but its taken all afternoon and its the best I can mange.

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Thanks for the effort, Peter, but it’s not likely to be helpful to anyone that doesn’t already have a good idea how to use these options.

I have an idea. Can you provide a link on the Advanced Search page?
Maybe something like “For more Search Options, see Discourse Search Options”

If you can, then I’ll build a KM Wiki page with all the search options, and how to use them.

Yes, I can put a link in.

There is already this page and section: Searching the Forum for Answers.

Which could be expanded (and has the advantage that there is lot of other forum info there).

I have added that link for now, but it could be changed later if appropriate.