Where Is the Welcome Window?

Hi, I'm trying to learn how to use Keyboard Maestro, and when I go to the manual it suggests I should watch the video tour, accessed in the 'welcome window'. That sounds like a good idea. But there is no welcome window. I've never seen it, unless maybe I closed it one time, probably the first time I opened the app. Now, If I quit and restart, it doesn't appear. Is there any way to manually open the 'welcome window'?

I'm not sure which video that link would take you to, but you can find some KM videos if you open KM, then click on Help, then click on Keyboard Maestro Website, then either click on Watch Video or try one of the video links on this page:


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You can get the Welcome to Keyboard Maestro window in the Help menu.

I'm not sure where it says about the video tour, that may be out of date.

There is a video on the main Keyboard Maestro page, https://www.keyboardmaestro.com/, but that's not really going to teach you much.

The best way to start using Keyboard Maestro is to start simple:

  • Read the Quick Start (Help menu)
  • Do the Tutorial (Help menu)
  • And then grow your macros organically, starting simple.
  • Join the forum (which you have done!) and ask for help with any macros you get stuck on.
  • Consider enrolling in David Spark’s Keyboard Maestro Field Guide (Keyboard Maestro Field Guide | MacSparky Field Guides).
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I deleted and then reinstalled the app, did a restart for good measure, and the welcome window opened up automagically. It was short and basic but still useful.

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Hey Simon,

Welcome to the forum, and welcome to the world of Keyboard Maestro!

Many adventures await.  :sunglasses:


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