Which app or device is best in 2024 to transform an ipad into a touch KM palette?

I have a stream deck but pressing mechanical buttons becomes a bit tedious. I am looking for a touch screen solution.
I am confused by the multiplicity of options, including Luna Display, sidecar, metagrid, duet etc
thanks in advance for your time and help

I’m learning to like the Stream Deck mobile app.

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fantastic !! I installed it on an old useless iPad. Exactly what I was looking for. thank you very much !

hello @vincent_ardern on the stream deck device or with stream deck mobile, how do you batch rearrange the buttons ? for example, if I had to copy 7 buttons (virtual) from one page to another. The only solution I could find is to copy them one by one which is quite tedious when I make major reorganizations. I cannot select multiple buttons. thank you

have you found a solution to the problem of the Stream Deck mobile app disconnecting as soon as the mac display (not computer or drive) goes to sleep. The only solution I found was to quit and restart the app which is a bit tedious. thank you

I’ve not found a good solution for this. I do use a keyboard maestro macro to switch between two specific profiles (hard coded) if I’m going to move a bunch of buttons (just to prevent RSI/frustration) but that’s a hack if I’ve ever seen one!
That macro uses something like the keyboard F2 key to click in a specific spot in the front window a couple of times. Quick and dirty.

I work from home and my device doesn’t sleep very quickly so I guess this doesn’t come up super often. However it does come up, and when it does I often find that hitting the settings cog (inside the iPad app) and going to connections then clicking on the relevant connection again makes it realise that everything’s fine.

I’ve never owned a physical stream deck so this doesn’t annoy me all that much.

My desktop has the same setup as yours (display sleeps, but mac does not).

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I'm sorry: I don't understand.
I switch profiles with the Stream Deck command which I attach to a button.
I am sorry, but I don't understand what your trick is to move a bunch of buttons. thank you @vincent_ardern

I am trying to create a big TouchBar myself.

I am playing around with Open Stage Control in combination with Keyboard Maestro. Ended up making my own OSC bridge app so i can trigger macros from OSC and a Action plugin to send OSC messages. If you work with audio video software you can integrate with MIDI as well. Open Stage Control has scripting build in and can run on any touch screen.

Just released a update today


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I will have a look. Thank you very much.

Metagrid ($30) and Metagrid Pro ($40) have both Keyboard Maestro integration:

They both work with a Mac client that you can download in their website:
The app is pricy but worth it IMO.

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I will have a look. Thanks very much !

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what is the matrix size (ie how many buttons) ?
does metagrid have a library of basic functions like hotkey, open URL, app, file, folder, etc
thank you

The grid is 6x6, so 36 buttons, but it's way more than just a simple grid of buttons, I suggest you go to their website and check some videos there → TUTORIALS | METASYSTEM
You'll have all the answers to your questions!

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thanks very much for your post and taking the time to post the links. I will look at it.

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