Which Application Condition Should I Use to Activate a Macro as Soon as Lightroom Classic Finishes Exporting My Images?

As the title suggests, I have a macro I would like to run as soon as my Lightroom Classic has finished exporting my images to a folder. What's the best way to set this up?

I thought maybe Pause Until and then set the application condition to "not active", but I'm a bit confused as to the difference between "running" and "active", or if there's a better way.

What happens after the export finishes? That is what you need to detect - whatever change happens.

If Lightroom quits, then you could detect that. If the front window changes or the front window title changes, you could detect that. If you trigger the macro before the export finishes (for example, use the macro to start the export), then you could, in a pinch, use a Pause Until action and an Found Image condition to watch for the screen to change, though that will use a lot of CPU which might actually slow down the process of exporting your images.

To the best of my knowledge, nothing changes in the menu states. Not that I can see anyway. Perhaps a fellow LR Classic user can tell me otherwise though??

"Running" is "is the app open?", "Active" is "is the app the frontmost app?". I'm typing this is Safari, so Safari is both "active" and "running", while the KM Editor is sat behind it "running" and "not active" -- I quit Word earlier, so Word is "not running" and "not active".

Does Lightroom remain at the front while you are exporting? Could you use the export progress indicator? You'd have to crop it so the image didn't include the progress bar:


Or you could pause until the "normal" state indicator re-appeared:


Thank you so much for that explanation @Nige_S and distinguishing between "running" and "active", thanks! :+1:

Hmm... Lightroom doesn't always remain at the top while I'm exporting, but maybe I can change my workflow.



wouldn't the "Post-processing" section in the Lightroom Classic export window (section at the far bottom of the window) give options to trigger something? You could try to add the macro in the Export Action Preset folder and see if KM picks up the exported images, ready for you to do something with it. Or perhaps it at least triggers "something" that you can use to trigger the macro.

Hope this helps. Cheers!