Which Focus Mode Is Active Macro (v10.0)

Credit Where Due…

The important part of this was created by Andrew Kerr <https://andrew.kerr.id.au> and posted to the Automators' Forum at: Get current focus mode via script - #8 by akerr - macOS - Automators Talk

I just put it into a Keyboard Maestro macro.

I also added a script to check to make sure that it is being run on Monterey or later.

Which Focus Mode Is Active Macro (v10.0)

Which Focus Mode Is Active.kmmacros (4.9 KB)

If no Focus is active, it will say 'None'.

Otherwise it will return the name of the Focus Mode currently enabled.

Note that by default it will post a notification, which might not be what you want. It might be more useful as a variable,, etc.


Thanks for this! I'm still on Big Sur and probably won't update to Monterey for a few months but I'm trying to be proactive in seeing how any of my current macros might break when I upgrade.

Big Sur has been a nightmare for my DND macros. I've never been able to reliably replicate what I had on Catalina. Hopefully Monterey will be a little friendlier with the switch to Focus.


calm-notifications works great on Big Sur for toggling DND on or off, or checking its status.

It does not (yet) work on Monterey, but I thought it might help you in the meantime.

Since this is a bit OT, feel free to send me a PM/DM if you need any help using calm-notifications

Also, FWIW, Monterey has been very stable for me. Easy upgrade. As David Sparks said, it’s something of an unspoken “Snow Leopard” year… with Focus Mode being one of the few exceptions (that is, a new feature)

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I'm on Ventura and this script doesn't seem to do anything? Operator error..or is is broke?