While Condition for Period of Time?


So I basically need this for example: While time is before 6pm close site X (or application) if it is opened. In other words, macros should be active all the time. I didn't find how to set this condition. So is it possible?

You can have a macro whose sole action is


...but you'll probably want to include a "Please don't do X before 6pm" dialog.

How you trigger that macro will depend on what you want to do -- to stop an application being launched, use an "Application X launches" trigger, and so on.


Thank you very much! This helps a lot, I also need it for other application like doing something on unlock trigger only after certain hour. Didn't know about HOUR function.
But I can't find how certain site can be trigger. Is it possible to trigger it by going to a particular site?

If you look at the list of triggers you'll see that isn't possible -- directly. But there is a "Focused window" trigger, so you could run your macro every time the focused window's title changed and either test the title or the URL against your "bad" sites.

I do wonder why you are doing this though. If it's just a backup to your own self-control ("I really shouldn't Facebook when I'm supposed to be working") then fine, but it wouldn't be that difficult to subvert the block. So if you want something more... "assertive" you should look at other methods such parental control-type apps (if the built-in OS options aren't enough), firewall rules (local or on the router), or similar.

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Thank you very much again! Yes, this is just back up, I sometimes start to do something kind of productive (for example trying to understand how to optimize workflow or macros) instead of work and just to make things a bit harder I thought to add friction to process.

Me too! But I decided that making future me more productive was worth some time from present me, so I gave up worrying about it :wink:

I think better do it on dedicated time )