Who is intercepting my keys?

This is not a KM-specific question, just a general plea for help. I find that hotkeys don’t do what I want them to do or do nothing at all. For example ^F2 should move the focus to the menu bar, but does nothing. With so many apps that can intercept keys, trying to track down why a particular key combination misbehaves is a mystery. Are there any tools or techniques for determining what happens to a given keystroke? Thanks!

I don’t know of any tools.

You can watch the Engine.log file to see any macros triggered by Keyboard Maestro.

Hey Paul,

The most comprehensive tool is KeyCue, but it won't discover every app's changes to the keyboard shortcut system – just Keyboard Maestro, regular applications, and the system.

KeyCue sees:

  • Keyboard Maestro keyboard shortcuts.
  • OSX System keyboard shortcuts
  • Application keyboard shortcuts

A freeware tool that only detects system and application keyboard shortcuts is CheatSheet.

CheatSheet sees:

  • OSX System keyboard shortcuts
  • Application keyboard shortcuts

In general the problem you describe is caused by the function keys being bound to hardware functions. You have to press the fn key in conjunction with the keyboard shortcut to change the menu bar focus.

This can be altered in the Keyboard system prefs.

If this is NOT your issue then start by quitting every app/utility that might be altering keyboard shortcuts and then turn them back on one at a time.


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