Why Did This Text-Insertion Macro Stop Working?

I have a macro that generates a long string after I type a short abbreviation. It has worked for a long time but recently it stopped working. I type in the abbreviation and it just stays there. Any ideas what might be happening?

Is it just one Macro that has stopped working or have all your typed string trigger Macros stopped working?

If all have stopped working, maybe the Mac has gone into Secure Input mode. Restarting the Mac or just putting it to sleep and waking it again should fix that.

If it is just one Macro or Macros in a certain Group check that it is enabled and in a Group that is enabled in Keyboard Maestro. Also check that the Group is enabled to work in the App that you are doing the text expansion in.


Thanks for the suggestions.

I turned on input monitoring for Keyboard Maestro and that seems to have fixed it.

At least for now!